Entrepreneurs & the Escape from Corporate America

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Scott Harrison
Founder, charity: water
Vin Vacanti
Co-Founder, Yipit
Brad Feld
MD, Foundry Group
Lauren Bush
Founder, FEED Projects
Nihal Mehta
Founder, Local Response
Ben Milne
Founder, Dwolla
Andrew Yang
Founder, Venture for America
Alexa Von Tobel
Founder, LearnVest
Andrew Warner
Founder, Mixergy
Sahil Lavingia
Founder, Pinterest & Gumroad
Christopher Altchek
Co-Founder, PolicyMic
Jon Stein
Founder, Betterment
Brett Martin
Founder, Sonar
Jennifer Medbery
Founder, Kickboard
Shane Snow
Founder, Contently
Marlo Scott
Founder, Sweet Revenge
Samir Ibrahim
Founder, SunCulture
Trevor Owens
Founder, Lean Startup Machine
Amy Jain
Founder, BaubleBar
Daniella Yacobovsky
Founder, BaubleBar

Speaking Engagements

    Upcoming Events:

    • Tech in Motion: Startup to Success - June 18, 2014, NY
    • Harvard University TEDX - October 2, 2014, MA
    • Suffolk University - October 2, 2014, MA
    • Indiana University - October 13-15, 2014, IN
    • New York University - November 1, 2014, NY
    • Tech in Motion at the Hudson Hotel, November 13, 2014, NY
    • Princeton University - November 15, 2014, NJ

    Prior Events:

    • New York University Entrepreneurship Festival - March 1, 201, NY
    • New York University's Stern School of Business: MBA Seminar: April 2, 2014, NY
    • Startup Springboard - Suits to Silicon Alley: April 9, 2014, NY
    • Stanford University - May 27, 2014, CA
    • YPR - Midwest Regional Conference: Keynote - June 28, 2014, IN
    • General Assembly in Partnership with Hudson Hotel, NY

Read a chapter featuring Scott Harrison of charity: water

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    Read a chapter from Disruptors that features Scott Harrison, the social entrepreneur behind charity: water.

"Most people are scared of taking the first step towards entrepreneurship. But if they don't take the risk, then they wake up 40 years later, regretting it. It is better to try, fail and learn...I urge younger kids to take those risks and pursue the career they really want to pursue because as life goes on it becomes more difficult to take those risks. Younger people don't know the rules yet so that makes it much easier for them to break them and make their own. I think that's where disruptive thinking takes place."

Lauren Bush - Founder, FEED Projects

  • A portion of book sales will go towards supporting charity: water and their clean water initiatives

Read the Interview between Andrew Warner and Kunal Mehta

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    Andrew Warner discusses Mixergy, Entrepreneurship and Disruptors with Kunal Mehta. Sign up below to receive more information on Disruptors.

Read the Interview between Brad Feld and Kunal Mehta

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About the Author

  • Kunal Mehta

  • Kunal Mehta is the founder of Chat-MD, a finance and strategy associate at charity: water, a former Investment Banker & the author of DISRUPTORS. Kunal wrote this book when he left behind his job in Investment Banking in search of more inspiring work. He sought to uncover the realistic stories of entrepreneurs that had lived the journey and left behind positions of security. Kunal Mehta worked at J.P. Morgan for four years during college and in Equities Trading at Nomura Securities post-graduation.

    Contact Kunal Mehta at Kunal.X.Mehta@gmail.com

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